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People, processes, and technology are all vital to stopping breaches.

INFOSTREAM excels in evaluating, designing, developing, and consistently enhancing some of the most advanced, secure, and intelligent digital business platforms, incorporating the power of artificial intelligence. We address the complexities of digital transformation by harnessing our innovation, expertise, and decades of experience and integrating cutting-edge analytics, automation, cloud computing, security protocols, and artificial intelligence. Our strategy adeptly handles risks, ensures excellence, and keeps us ahead in the dynamic and rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Our Strategic Ecosystem Partnerships


Fortinet’s Open Fabric Ecosystem stands out as one of the most extensive cybersecurity ecosystems in the industry. It is composed of fabric-ready technology alliance partners, collaborations with threat-sharing organizations, and various fabric integrations. Fortinet offers integrated security solutions through its security fabric, enabling customers to achieve advanced end-to-end security throughout their digital infrastructure.

Fortinet’s open ecosystem approach goes beyond by extending the advantages of the security fabric to fabric-ready partner solutions through Fortinet-developed fabric connectors. Additionally, it reaches other partner solutions through fabric APIs and DevOps tools, ensuring a comprehensive and collaborative approach to cybersecurity integration and innovation.


The fabric’s underlying open architecture and integration interface make the integration of innovative solutions with the security fabric both easy and fast.

INFOSTREAM is highly trained and certified on the Fortinet fabric, encompassing networking (wired and wireless), and, notably, next-generation firewalls with SD-WAN capabilities.

Microsoft Azure MSP

At Infostream, our commitment to Azure excellence is reinforced by a 24×7 team of cloud experts dedicated to ensuring your success in the Azure environment. Our approach combines extensive Azure knowledge with our Cloud Reliability Platform (CRP) to streamline Azure adoption, provide comprehensive support, and continually optimize your Azure resources.

Leveraging our extensive experience, we guide companies in designing for scale, clear-cut common pitfalls, and navigate complex funding programs to expedite migrations and avoid potential roadblocks. Through close collaboration with your team, we gain insights into your unique business requirements and create solutions that evolve alongside your needs. Prioritizing platform-driven cloud operations, we architect your cloud infrastructure with a keen understanding of enabling security, scale, and efficiency.

Our team takes charge of the day-to-day administration of your Azure workload, empowering your internal team to focus on what truly matters for the growth of your business.

Our Azure-managed services provide comprehensive NOC (Network Operations Center) and SOC (Security Operations Center) support, delivering continuous security and performance monitoring. These services extend to Azure cost and resource optimization, advanced security, and compliance measures, along with complete cloud migration and development supported by on-demand professional services.

INFOSTREAM’s managed services seamlessly integrate top-tier security tools, automation, and specialized compliance services. This ensures that your Azure environments remain secure and align with the latest policies, including those for HIPAA/PIPEDA/PCI, SOC, and other compliance standards relevant to healthcare, finance, government, education, and retail. This approach guarantees that your Azure infrastructure is not only secure but also compliant with industry-specific requirements.

Strategic Clinical Ecosystem Partners

The evolution of ecosystems distinguishes the next wave of healthcare innovation.

INFOSTREAM’s clinical ecosystems unleash potent forces that reshape and disrupt legacy clinical technologies. Within the healthcare realm, these ecosystems can potentially deliver patients a personalized and integrated experience within the hospital and during remote care. Their objective is to boost provider productivity, engage formal and informal caregivers, and ultimately enhance outcomes and affordability in the healthcare landscape. This transformative approach represents a significant leap forward in providing holistic, patient-centric healthcare solutions.


We define an ecosystem as a collection of capabilities and services seamlessly integrating participants across the value chain. This includes customers, suppliers, platform and service providers, connected through a clinical outcomes model and a virtual data backbone. This integration is facilitated by the seamless capture, management, and exchange of data, aiming to enrich consumer and stakeholder experiences.

The primary goal is to address substantial pain points or inefficiencies, ultimately creating a framework for improved and efficient interactions within the healthcare ecosystem.

Other Strategic Ecosystem Partners 

CrowdStrike stands as a forefront cloud-delivered endpoint protection platform, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Independently tested and proven, it excels in halting malware and preventing breaches with its cloud-native security approach.

Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity company specializing in safeguarding organizations’ most critical assets and addressing their most substantial risks—their people. Utilizing advanced solutions, Proofpoint is dedicated to enhancing organizations’ overall cybersecurity posture.

INFOSTREAM’s Cyber Defense Centre is fortified with technologies from Proofpoint and integrations developed by Infostream. This center places a strategic focus on email security and protection, cloud security, and user behavior security, all correlated with the capabilities of our Cybersecurity stack.

In a longstanding and strategic relationship, INFOSTREAM and Proofpoint collaborate as the core brain for the Cyber Defense Centre within managed security services. This partnership emphasizes risk-aware data security, encompassing CAB shares and DIP classifiers.

INFOSTREAM partners with ServiceNow as an industry-leading ecosystem partner for the Cyber Defense Centre. Leveraging IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations (ITO), along with integrations with key partners, INFOSTREAM collaborates with ServiceNow to drive digital IT workflows. This approach modernizes operations, optimizing productivity, cost, and resilience through a unified platform.

For zero-trust identity management in the INFOSTREAM ONE Cyber Defense Centre, OKTA is a crucial partner. Their role is integral to INFOSTREAM’s managed security services within the comprehensive cyber defense stack.


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The most rewarding aspect of being part of Infostream? Simple: the people. We are a group of inquisitive, intelligent individuals, driven by a shared pursuit of purpose in our work. Our collective effort is dedicated to crafting solutions that propel organizations forward, and the joy lies in the collaborative process that binds us together.


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