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About us

Why Infostream?

    Design | Build | Operate

    • Infostream stands as a forefront figure in Managed Threat Intelligence Security Operations (MTI), offering an exceptional cloud-native Managed Threat Intelligence Platform (MTIP). This platform is meticulously crafted to reduce the cyber risk quotient across diverse platforms.

    • Infostream's MTIP harnesses the strength of global threat intelligence feeds, artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, orchestration, and automation.

    • Infostream exhibits unparalleled speed and scalability in hunting, responding to, prioritizing, and remediating threats at a pace that outperforms traditional legacy security providers.

    • Infostream's data-driven security operations prioritize, automate, and foster collaboration through a purpose-built platform dedicated to threat detection, response, and remediation.

1. Cutting-edge Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS) facilitate a seamless transition from on-premise solutions to a hybrid model and eventually to fully cloud-based solutions.

2. Upgrading infrastructure and applications for a phased delivery of Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS) to align with modernization trends

3. Our platform simplifies the adoption of modernized infrastructure and applications across multi-cloud environments.

4. Cybersecurity and Managed Security Services, Security Operations Centre With Managed Detection Including Response, Threat Hunting and Incident Response.

5. Effective communication establishes the groundwork for a safe and secure collaboration environment, enabling seamless meeting, calling, messaging, and sharing across hybrid working environments.

6. Our industry focus encompasses a wide range, including local, provincial, state, and federal public sector organizations, energy and utility companies, financial and insurance services, commercial and enterprise businesses, digital clinical care, telecom, and media and entertainment companies.

What makes us different

Threat Intelligence Platform


Threat Intelligence Centre

Managed Threat Intelligence Services

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Our People & Experience

Solutions and Services

Infostream One and our Six Pillars of Solutions and Services

Pillar One


Infostream’s Cyber Defense Managed Security Services integrate the essential technologies and processes to prevent breaches effectively. This comprehensive approach includes next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response, IT hygiene, 24/7 threat hunting, and threat intelligence. We serve as your singular platform, facilitating aggregation and ingestion while empowering cybersecurity, DevOps, and SecOps with observability. Our services are available on-premises, in hybrid environments, and the cloud. They are fully managed and delivered by ISO 27001 standards and CSIS Level 2 clearance.

Pillar Two


Infostream’s DevSecOps minimizes risks and instills peace of mind. In a world transformed by software, the surge in new technologies and applications elevates security concerns. Embracing a DevSecOps mindset allows organizations to leverage technological benefits without compromising safety, ensuring the organization’s and its customers’ well-being in the face of evolving threats.

Pillar Three

Cloud & Digital Transformation

Embracing digital transformation becomes a tangible reality with the utilization of cloud services. Shifting essential functions to the cloud liberates resources, allowing a more concentrated focus on business-differentiating initiatives and innovations. This transition introduces stability, scalability, cost reductions, flexibility, and numerous other benefits that alleviate the organizational burden across various facets.

Pillar Four


Discover Infostream’s tailored Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions, bringing Simplicity, Scale, and Flexibility to your campus network. Eliminate IT CapEx and management complexities while ensuring peak performance. NaaS offers secure connectivity, adaptable scalability, and streamlined network lifecycle management. Whether you need basic connectivity or advanced management, our solutions propel your business forward, allowing focus on core operations. Engineered for optimal performance and free from upfront costs, our NaaS paves the way for the next-gen AI-powered, always-on wired, and wireless SLA-based solutions. Embrace innovation, enhance connectivity with us.

Pillar Five

Connectivity & Collaboration

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is the premier solution for boosting workforce productivity and reducing operational costs linked to your office phone system. UC synchronizes your current technologies, seamlessly transforming them into a unified platform that aligns your communication capabilities precisely with your business operations. This streamlined integration ensures optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your communication infrastructure.

Pillar Six

Next Gen - Managed Security Services Provider

Infostream’s Cyber Defense Managed Security Services seamlessly integrate vital technologies and processes essential for preventing breaches. This all-encompassing approach incorporates next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response, IT hygiene, 24/7 threat hunting, and threat intelligence. Our unified services act as a robust shield, ensuring comprehensive protection against evolving cybersecurity threats.

Senior Leadership


Senior Leadership Team


Peter Stavropoulos

Americas CEO

Michael Abenhaim

Senior Vice President, Americas, Sales & Operations

Ross DiStefano

Senior Vice President, Global AI/HPC Solutions and Services

Steven Cohen

Senior Vice President, Global, Cyber Security Solutions and Services

Karim Remu

Vice President, Alliances and Solution Architecture

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The most rewarding aspect of being part of Infostream? Simple: the people. We are a group of inquisitive, intelligent individuals, driven by a shared pursuit of purpose in our work. Our collective effort is dedicated to crafting solutions that propel organizations forward, and the joy lies in the collaborative process that binds us together.


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